Open letter to PM Theresa May

Sunday 2nd July 2017

The Prime Minister Theresa May
10 Downing Street
London SW1

Dear Prime Minister,

In the immediate aftermath of the London bridge terrorist massacre you said:

There is, to be frank, far too much tolerance of extremism in our country. It is time to say enough is enough

and you put out a call to tackle head-on the ideology of Islamist extremism in Britain.

You maintained, of the cluster of attacks this year, that they are bound together by a single ideology of Islamist extremism that preaches hatred and promotes sectarianism, and you continued:

 We cannot and must not pretend that things can carry on as they are”.

Your 2017 manifesto includes a pledge to create a new commission charged with “identifying and exposing examples of extremism” and the possibility of new criminal offences to outlaw non-violent extremism in Britain for the first time.

We welcome the pledge and we applaud your conclusive response that ultimately something needs to be done to stem the tide of Islamist terrorism in our country.

However, as Home Secretary, your 2015 anti-extremism programme included:

  • Banning orders against groups that fall short of existing terrorism proscription thresholds
  • extremism disruption orders against individuals who incite hatred
  • closure orders against premises used to host extremist meetings or speakers.

Yet, groups falling short of existing terrorism proscription thresholds are seen regularly on our streets participating in organised marches and at our universities, with individuals inciting hatred appearing on campuses, in church halls and government owned venues. 2017 was no exception.

As we write, there are any number of PSC/BDS (Palestine Solidarity Campaign/BoycottDivestmentSanctions) organised anti-Israel meetings and protests taking place in church halls and on campuses across the country with speakers disseminating history revisionism and anti-Zionism as a cloak for Jew hatred.

 On 18 June 2017 London witnessed a parade of Hezbollah flags at Iran’s Ayatollah created Al Quds day march calling for the demise of Israel. At that march this year, the leader of IHRC (Islamic Human Rights Committee) was heard issuing anti-Semitic race-hate at Jewish counter protesters  of “It’s in their genes to occupy Regent Street, its genetic” and placards blaming ‘Zionists’ for the Grenfell Tower fire – for ‘Zionists’ read Jews.

2017 also brings a Palestine Expo to the QEll Centre on 8th and 9th July this year, supported by Ismail Patel’s FOA (Friends of Al Aqsa) organisation and the PSC (Palestine Solidarity Campaign). Widely advertised are speakers well-known on the PSC/BDS lecture circuit for their history revisionism and replacement ideology. Also advertised is a children’s section to which youngsters are invited to learn about the Prophets of Palestine, from booklets illustrated with pictures of Bible stories, like the parting of the Red Sea.

As a vicar’s daughter Prime Minister, you will know that teaching children the revisionist version of our Prophets as the Prophets of Palestine is a perversion of our Judeo-Christian ethic upon which is based the essence of our democracy. Yet we hear only of your concern about a perversion of Islam, as your Government Minister, Sajid Javid, concedes that it is acceptable for such indoctrination to be allowed at the Government owned Queen Elisabeth ll Centre, not a stones throw from Westminster.We take you at your word Prime Minister when you say:

“we must come together, we must pull together and united we will take on and defeat our enemy”.

We say to you Prime Minister, there is no place in our society for an expo over 5 floors of a government owned venue, in the heart of our seat of government, that disseminates replacement ideology to an unsuspecting public and there is no place for such an event that risks the very security of a country under attack by extremists who could well use this event for another massacre like that at London Bridge. Ismail Patel of Friends of Al Aqsa was on the Mavi Mamara flotilla in 2010, together with IHH activists. Mahmoud Khaled Omar Ali, also a participant on the Gaza flotilla, was arrested at Westminster in April 2017 carrying a rucksack of knives.

We urge you to read our open letter to Sajid Javid in which we explain all of our concerns a copy of which we have enclosed.

We urge you to read our report on Race Hate as it impacts UK Jewry and to take note of our recommendations.

And we urge you to reconsider the Government position regarding the Palestine Expo 2017 – Generation Palestine and to call a halt to it, just as Sir Eric Pickles, had cancelled a Christian Concern event in 2012 at the same venue for ‘diversity’ reasons, at 4.05pm, the afternoon before the conference was due to begin.

This is the moment Prime Minister, having declared Enough is Enough, to deliver to the free citizens of our very divided country the certainty that you will, as promised, stand up for what is right in protecting the integrity and security of our society, that you will not be cowered by those who use our democracy to further the aims of extremism in order to destroy our country; for as Ibn Warraq said:

“The origins of the modern West are often seen in the Enlightenment of the seventeenth and eighteenth century, but the roots of the Enlightenment can be found in habits of mind cultivated in Athens, Rome, and Jerusalem, and the institutions that grew from them.”

We remain yours faithfully,

Sharon Klaff    Ambrosine Shitrit       Shmuel Calderon

for Stop Palestine Expo Coalition

Stop Palestine Expo Coalition
Reservists on Duty
The Palestinian Lie
Eye On Antisemitism
Israel’s Voice
Kay Wilson
Defending Jews & Israel From Propaganda
Never Again UK
Worldwide Jewish Pride
Stop the Lies
Defense Medias Israel
Richard Landes, Chair, Council of Scholars SPME and  SPME (Scholars for Peace in the Middle East)
Israel Forever Foundation
Joan O’Callaghan, Toronto, Canada
S N Simmons
Elliot Davis, Kilmarnock, SCOTLAND



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